Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Day 1

Here we go... the very first day of our 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge. Today we are making a game plan! I think it's really important to think about the rooms in your home, and what needs should be met for your family. Making lists is one of my absolute favorite things to do, so I've created a Spring Cleaning Checklist for you all to print out and follow along (just click the links below the images). This list is customized to my home, so I left a few blank spots for you all to write in your specific needs at your house.

Print this Checklist
Print this Calendar

Today is also a day to take stock of your cleaning supplies. Tomorrow, I will be talking about the homemade cleaning products I mix up myself. I will be posting those recipes tomorrow if you would like to go natural with me! Most of the cleaners just use typical items you probably already have in your pantry... but white vinegar is an essential for my cleaners! Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you'll join me for this month-long spring clean challenge!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Holy Cow... It's Almost June!

Here it is the end of May. We're just on the brink of June, and I have not even begun to think about Spring cleaning my home! Better late than never, right? I guess I just like to wait 'til last minute to do some things. This year I have complied a lovely, detailed checklist for the entire house, as well as a 30-day schedule to get it all done! Both of these printables will be available tomorrow.

The main difference this year is that I will be attempting to use only green and naturally homemade cleaning products and processes. With baby Wyatt in the house, I don't want to expose him to nasty chemicals as much as possible. Plus, I don't always love the smell of commercial cleaning products. I believe it is a good choice for my family (and it's fun to mix up the homemade cleaners). 

I hope the rest of you who've procrastinated all Spring will join me in my 30-day challenge. Please comment and let me know how it's going! To make it easier to follow along, add your e-mail address so you will receive updates about new posts!