About Me

My name is Alison, and I am delighted to meet you!

West Second started as the story of my family's old Victorian home.

Here she is, West Second

My brilliant husband (Luke) and I were married in 2008, and we initially moved together into a teeny tiny apartment in Northeastern Ohio. After just one short year, we decided to relocate closer to family. In the Autumn of 2009, we moved into my in-laws ginormous, old Victorian house. Luke actually spent most of his childhood in this house. While the house has beautiful bones, it has not been updated in roughly 20 years!

Here we are...all gussied up!

Fast forward to 2014, we haven't made much progress! Our son Wyatt was born in March, and I have decided that West Second still feels more like a structure, and less like a home. With our growing family, I want to chronicle this family's journey to a comfortable, clean, organized, and beautiful home.

Here's our sweet boy.

I'm glad you're here to share this journey with us, I hope you'll follow along as we progress!

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